Yours Humanly

BookFest Read-a-Thon

May 1 - July 31


Welcome to the Yours Humanly 2021 BookFest Read-a-thon, sponsored by Amazon!

Yours Humanly is a global organization dedicated to helping children in need receive the education they deserve. Funds raised during our summer 2021 BookFest Read-a-thon fundraiser go toward Yours Humanly’s global projects to create safe and productive classrooms and educational experiences for children in need during the 2021–2022 academic year as schools move through recovery and students return to the classroom.

How does the Yours Humanly 2021 BookFest Read-a-thon work?

The BookFest Read-a-thon is a free, summer fundraiser that encourages reading while helping children in need. Readers register for free, and then reach out to their family, friends, and social circles and ask for one-time donations to support their reading efforts on behalf of Yours Humanly. The system automatically e-mails pledge requests to family members and friends who readers name on the pledge page. Pledging participants choose the amount they wish to donate and are able to make secure credit card donations online. Reading participants are notified every time a pledge is made, allowing them to track their fundraising progress online. And they honor those pledges by doing something they already love to do—read!

Registration is easy with step-by-step instructions all along the way.

To register for this summer reading fundraising event, please click on “Not Registered For This Event?” If you have already registered, sign in under “Already Registered?” If you are a returning family from a previous Yours Humanly read-a-thon, please create a new registration.

Thank you for your interest in our mission and your participation in our summer fundraiser. Happy reading!