St James / Seton Catholic

Nest Fest Walk-A-Thon

May 6


Welcome to St James / Seton Catholic's Nest Fest Walk-A-Thon page. We are raising money for replacing the gym floor and furnishing/modernizing the STEM (Technology) Lab at St. James Seton Elementary.

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Leader Board



Hat Day


EARNED: Wear your favorite hat to school with your regular school uniform on Friday, April 22.

Crazy Socks Day


EARNED: Wear your brightest, boldest, spunkiest socks to school with your regular school uniform on Tuesday, April 26!

Sports Wear Day


EARNED: Pair your favorite jersey or sports team shirt with jeans, wind pants or school shorts on Friday, April 29!

Backwards Day + Hat Day


EARNED: Wear any top BACKWARDS + a HAT. All other regular dress down rules apply (i.e. school shorts if shorts are chosen) on Tuesday, May 3.

Nest Fest T-Shirts


EARNED: NEST FEST T-Shirts for Students, Teachers, Administration, & Staff

Holiday Day


EARNED: Pull out a shirt that represents your favorite holiday and pair with jeans, wind pants or school shorts (like a regular dress down day) on Wednesday, May 4

Neon Day


EARNED: Wear NEON shorts (of appropriate length), windpants, skorts, hairbows, socks, shoes, hairbows, etc paired with your NEST FEST shirt on Friday, May 6!!

Treats @ Nest Fest


All students, teachers, administration, and staff will receive a special treat at Nest Fest.