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December 31


To begin the demo, you will need to create an account using your email address. Follow the instructions to set up your test family page. Members of your organization will follow the same steps to set up their individual pages.

Welcome to PledgeStar Elementary's PledgeStar-A-Thon page. We are raising money for various equipment and supplies that need improvement. To complete your registration for this event, please click on "Not Registered For This Event?". If you have already registered, sign in under "Already Registered?" If you are a returning family from a previous event, you need to register for each event.



Leader Board



1st Place Class Award

Class that raises the most for our school receives a Pizza Party! Pizza Party donated by our sponsor, Generic Company

2nd Place Class Award

Popsicle Party! Class that raises the most for our school receives a Popsicle Party.

3rd Place Class Award

Popcorn Party! Class that raises the 3rd most for our school receives a Popcorn Party!

VIP Reading Rewards

The first 50 students to complete registration and send emails to their family and friends will receive a VIP Trip to the school library to hear Mrs. Mayer read and get extra time to search for your favorite books!

Extra Recess

Any student who completes registration and sends out 10 emails will earn an Extra Recess on our school playground!!

Super VIP Reading Rewards

The 5 students from each grade with the most overall home reading sessions recorded online by the last day of the Reading-Raise-A-Thon will enjoy a Super VIP Reader surprise and special recognition at the All School Celebration!

$20k Goal Helium Music Teacher!

Music teacher sings the whole school a song over the intercom with helium voice.

$40k Goal Pie Smash!

If the entire school hits the $40k goal, our student with the highest $ fundraised will get to smash a pie in the 7th grade teachers face!

$60k Mr Librarian Shaves Beard of 13yrs!

When the whole school hit's our $60k fundraising goal, Mr. Librarian has said he will shave his beard that he has had for 13 years!

$80k Principal Duct Tape to Wall!

When the whole school hit's our $80k fundraising goal, Principal Johnson will be duct taped to the wall during our assembly!


Sample Reports

The following report is a sample of the various reports you will have access to in the administrative section of your event site. Reports will not appear on your event registration site. Families and participants will not be able to view or access administrative reports.

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