Pledgestar Privacy Policy

Information Collected From You

When making a pledge in the Pledgestar fundraising system used by Maryam Parman Foundation For Injured Children, you enter your first name, last name, email address, alias (the name Brayden calls you), a pledge amount, payment details and an encouraging message. This information is transmitted securely, and is used to process your donation and email you a receipt.

Who Has Access To This Information?

Pledgestar customer service representatives and developers have access to the information you enter (except credit card data, which is never stored), as it is necessary to perform their duties. The payment information you enter gets transmitted to a payment processor for authorization after you submit it, and then gets discarded. If you enter an encouraging message, it gets shown to Brayden, and to anyone else Brayden invited to make a pledge.

Edit or Remove Information

If you'd like to make a change or remove the information you've entered, contact customer service at 1-888-598-7510 or and a customer service representative will do it for you.


Pledgestar uses industry standard encryption to protect data you enter as it travels across the Internet and a firewall to protect information stored on our system from individuals with malicious intent.

Policy Duration

This policy is effective January 1st, 2023, but may be updated in the future. In the event of an update, you will be notified by email and may contact us to remove your information.


For questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact Pledgestar by phone at 1-888-598-7510 or by email at