Edison Elementary School

Read A Thon - Bookopoly

September 26 - October 11, 2022


This event is no longer active. Please contact your school or submit a support ticket using the "Click For Help" button on the bottom of this page.

Welcome to Edison Elementary School's Read A Thon - Bookopoly page. We are raising money for critical programming and support for our school, including a reading interventionist, art and garden Instructors, psych Intern, back-to-school supplies for students, library books, teachers’ classroom betterment funds, and more.

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Leader Board



Bookopoly Otter Pin

10 Requests

Send donation requests to 10+ people

Tucker's Junior Scoop Certificate


Receive at least $250 in donations

$8 Books Inc Gift Certificate

Achieve your grade-suggested reading times

1 Free Pass to Subpar Miniature Golf

Top 3 readers in each class

$10 Toy Safari Gift Certificate

Top 2 fundraisers in each class

Pizza & Movie Party during school

Top classroom at Edison with the most funds raised

Yummy Treat & Extra Recess

Top classroom per grade with the most funds raised (excluding top classroom at Edison)

Something Fun with Mr. Sahakian

School hits total donation goal of $50,000 & 80% student reading participation