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Hi there!

My school is having a Rock, Run & Roll a-thon to raise money for Joe Beckman Speaker (7-8 grade), scuba classes, bussing for field trips, furniture, WIN time resources, fitness equipment, end of year parties.

To sponsor me, please complete the information below.

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Pledged: $745
Goal: $795

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"Thanks for helping raise money for these amazing experiences!"

Justin Newman

"I expect you to run for 30 minutes!!!"

Love, Mom

"You are an amazing daughter! So proud of you!"

Love, Mom


Love, Parker

"Hi Amelia- have fun at the fundraiser!!"

Love, Mom

"Have fun!"

Love, Mom and Dad

"Have fun!"

Love, Mom and Dad

"Good Luck Jayden and 6th graders... All of CMSE!!"

Love, Celina Johnson

"Run Fast, Roo!!!! :)"

Love, Dad