Altadena Arts Magnet PTA

Wacky Fun Run

November 18


This event is no longer active. Please contact your school or submit a support ticket using the "Click For Help" button on the bottom of this page.

Welcome to Altadena Arts Magnet PTA's Wacky Fun Run page. We are raising money for PTA to be able to improve our campus, support events and programs, and provide services that will enrich and maximize the education of every child, and benefit the school.

To complete your registration for this event, please click on "Not Registered For This Event?". If you have already registered, sign in under "Already Registered?". If you are a returning family from a previous event, you will need to register for this event separately.

Leader Board



Most laps

The class with the most laps run will win a prize!

Most donations

Each donation, big or small, counts the same and the class with the most will win a prize!

Most money donated

The class who raises the most money will win a prize!

Highest participation

The class with the highest percentage of students who collect pledges will win a prize!