Naples Bayside Academy


November 17


Welcome to Naples Bayside Academy's Jog-A-Thon page. We are raising money for Computer Teacher that provides class size reduction, and PTA programs like Modern Masters, and more.

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Leader Board



Jog-a-Thon Shirt

All students receive a Jog-a-Thon shirt!

Free otter pop

10 Requests

Send 10 emails by 10/27 and you'll receive a certificate for a free otter pop

Otter Pop certificates


5 free otter pop certificates

Free dress day


Free dress certificate- skip the uniform for one day!

Naples Jog a Thon Sticker


Limited Edition Naples sticker- use it on your water bottle, your school folder or ???

Agility Ball


Agility ball - perfect for indoor or outdoor play and increasing hand-eye coordination

Naples Frisbee


Frisbee with a custom Naples logo



Your own kickball!

Limited Edition Spirit Shirt


Did you know that spirit shirts can be worn instead of your uniform shirt? Wear this custom spirit shirt only available through the 2022 Naples JAT instead of a collared shirt!

Limited Edition Naples Hat


Custom limited edition hat only available through the 2022 Naples JAT!

Fitness and Fun Party


You'll have an opportunity to participate in a "Fitness and Fun Party" with Ms. Spenker when you raise at least $500!

2 Highest contributors per grade

The Otter Pop Golden Ticket will get you one free otter pop and one for a friend at each otter pop sale day for the rest of the school year!

3rd highest fundraising contributor

You'll receive a "Strength" shirt and a free half hour private session with Ms. Cindi

2nd highest fundraising contributor

You'll receive a basketball and a free basketball afterschool camp

Top contributor

You'll receive a skateboard and a free week of Skatedogs Summer Camp!

Highest contributing class

The entire class will have lunch with the principal!

Duct tape Mr. Wong to the wall


You'll get to help tape Mr. Wong to the wall with duct tape!

Throw a pie at Mr. Sheehan


You'll get to throw a pie in Mr. Sheehan's face! He has requested blueberry ;)