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Hi there!

My school is having a 3rd Annual Jog-A-Thon to raise money for general funding for school programs.

To sponsor me, please complete the information below.

Enter the name(s) Christine calls you. Examples: Grandma & Grandpa or Uncle Bill
Pledged: $660
Goal: $710

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"You've got this!👏🏻"

Love, Anita

"Have Fun!!!"

Love, Terry

"Have fun and don't run over the kids!!!"

Love, Most favorite sister

"Good luck. Glad you’ve reached your goal!"

Love, Mom

"Much Love!"

Love, Audrey

"I want to know what "great prizes" you can win...LOL Have fun."

Love, Miriam

"Love this online way of sponsoring people!"

Love, Mrs. LaCosta

"Way to go! You are the right person for the job."

Love, John

"Go Chris! Make us proud as always!"

Love, Mom & Dad